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Anas alias Iskander alias Indrajaya

Anas was born into a revolutionary family in Singapore. His father Abdullah Sudin was a committee member of the Singapore branch of the Malayan Communist Party. Although ethnically Malay, Anas speaks fluent Beijing-accented Mandarin, perfected from years spent in China. He was a broadcaster for the “Voice of Democracy” radio and later returned to the battlefront as secretary to Rashid Maidin, a key leader of the party.

Abdullah CD

His quiet and gentle demeanor belies the fervour and patriotism which propelled him to join the revolutionary forces. Abdullah CD was the youngest member of the radical Young Malay Union, an anti-colonial group eager to liberate Malaya. He later joined the communist-led Malayan People’s Anti Japanese Army (MPAJA) before becoming an MCP member. Abdullah recruited and formed MCP’s Malay regiment and rose to become Chairmen of the party.

Suriani Abdullah alias Eng Ming Ching

The war heroine and central committee member of the MCP may not be a well-known figure in history but she certainly left an indelible mark on British advisor Victor Purcell. He was awed by her oratory skills and her eyes, which he described as her most remarkable feature, “flashing with the firebrand of revolution”. Suriani was Chin Peng’s schoolmate and is married to Abdullah CD. They live in Chulaporn Village No. 12 in Sukhirin, Thailand with their daughter and her family.

Liu Po

Liu Po was active in underground union activities in Singapore before the crackdown in the 1960’s forced him into exile. Taking on different names and identities, he escaped to Indonesia and then to China before returning to Southern Thailand. He is now a tour guide and liaison for Chulaporn Village No. 10 in Betong, Thailand. His children still live in Singapore but Liu Po has never been back to the country and has no plans to do so for fear of arrest.

Huang Xueying

The feisty 73-year-old is a model comrade. With only a shirt on her back, Xueying ran away from home to join the MCP in the jungles at sixteen and never looked back. Hard work, warfare and a philandering husband failed to dampen her spirit. Recently she was finally able to return to Malaysia for the first time in more than 50 years to visit her family in Arau, Perlis. Ironically she could only go back as a Thai citizen, a foreigner in the land she was born and fought so hard to free.

Rashid Maidin (deceased)

Rashid Maidin was born in the year of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. He was the negotiator at two peace talks – the failed Baling talks in 1957 and the Hatyai Peace Accords of 1989 which ended the war officially. Rashid was a close friend and comrade of Chin Peng. He passed away recently on the 1st of September 2006, in the course of the making of the documentary.

Chin Peng alias Ong Boon Hua

Chin Peng is the Secretary General of the Malayan Communist Party. He was awarded the most prestigious Order of the British Empire for his war efforts but also became the empire’s most wanted man. Since April 2005, he has been fighting for his right to return home to Malaysia. Unfortunately his court case has been postponed indefinitely.



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